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Josephine Martorana

Jo is a Spiritual Light Worker, Tarot Counsellor and Healer.

The journey that led to her current career began in 1998, while suffering from PTSD, caused by trauma experienced while studying for my Ph.D. in Science Education.

At that time, she suffered an uncommon NDE, during an allergic reaction after a three-year period of severe illness.This experience reset the course of her life.

The ramifications of that event would transpire over a 22-year period, culminating with the answer to questions she had not even thought of asking at the time of the experience.

These answers brought into full realisation the history of at least two past life experiences, that have had ramifications in her current incarnation.

Prior to her NDE, she was a practicing Catholic and as such felt ambivalence towards the concept of reincarnation. She currently does not belong to any denomination but is an avid student of the esoteric sciences.

Having also spent 8 years in the Middle East, she have come to appreciate the prevailing ancient wisdom that underlies most religions whether their source is from either the Eastern or Western world.

Jo's NDE, miraculous healing and stunning past-life revelations: SOUL SISTERS PODCAST

by Josephine Martorana Nicotra | SOUL SISTERS


What to Expect

Most of my readings are now done virtually because of COVID I use Skype or FaceTime as well as WhatsApp conference call. I can also use Signal or Telegram. I don’t use Zoom. 

My sessions are not like your usual tarot. I use uplifting decks of cards that don’t have familiar tarot images that can trigger fear at a subconscious level. Each spread is photographed and sent to you. We wait until you revive each photo after which I then begin to interpret it.

The Holy Spirit ( Spirit, God or source), guides the whole reading and the reading ends when all questions are exhausted. There’s quite a bit of revelation that goes on in the readings and generally, it’s at no surprise to my clients in that invariably they all tend to say the same thing at the end. Namely that they have always known deep in their hearts what Spirit has revealed to them in the sessions,  but that they never had the courage, conviction, or clarity to actually pursue it. My readings tend to confirm what my clients have always known and give them the reassurance to follow it if they choose to. You always have complete free Will to choose what you want to do with the advice given. Tarot only gives directional arrows on the current path you are on and if that is the highest and best path for you according to your soul’s desires. It will indicate your soul’s preferred path but the final destination is always up to each individual. I often tell my clients that if your heading to Rome, there are many stops along the way that you can sightsee and you have complete free will to do so. Some people make it to Rome, some people don’t. Ultimately it’s the quality of the journey that counts. 

By the nature of the deep reading, more questions arise as the reading progresses and my clients start to get clarity about what direction they should be headed in. 

The reading can therefore go on for many hours. The average time is between 3 to 4 hours. They have gone on for up to five hours. For my first-timers I always ask them to leave at least three hours free and I assure them that the session will stop when they want it to. 

What does it cost?

As for payment, which is normally the next question which is asked, the answer is simple Spirits advice is PRICELESS and most people could not afford my time and effort that goes into Spirits readings. As such it is free. I ask only that should you feel moved by your heart to render a gift for my time and effort then that would always be appreciated. Some clients give generously, some would love to but can’t afford to.  It is my desire to serve humanity and choose to be available for all who are in need of God’s help, no matter what their financial situation, and I trust that the Holy Spirit will move each beautiful being to give according to their own capabilities, without judgement from my part, for the highest and best for my one true self which is all humanity. 

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